Hailing from New York, but settled in Colorado, Paulina has built a name for herself in the floral industry with a rare, yet effortless combination of impulse and precision to create designs that are as stunning as they are humbling, and always anything but average. Her background in interior design gives Paulina the innate ability to understand a space, and envision and create unique designs to fill that space.

Paulina’s free-fall into the floral world began with hard work. Washing buckets and answering phone calls aren’t the typical tasks associated with being a florist, but it was during her journey from a shop girl to a floral designer that she engrossed herself in her work, learning as much as she could about flowers and plants along the way.

For Paulina, trips to local farms to meet the growers and learn more about the process are commonplace. While she still has a lot to learn on her path toward plant enlightenment, she encourages her customers and staff to join the educational journey by asking questions and sharing knowledge.

After gaining years of floral experience in Los Angeles and executing large-scale events throughout the southern US, Paulina moved to Colorado in 2017 to pursue her passion in floral design and to chase her dream of starting her own flower business.